UCT03 Ultra Candytone Yellow is a yellow color that has a ‘candy’ effect with an elegant and luxurious color. For durability, ultra candytone has 6x stronger than regular candytone and has a glossy finish.

How To Use :

  1. Wash the media (which will be repainted) using cream soap, then rinse and let it dry.
  2. Wipe the media with cloth + gasoline thoroughly
  3. Use the Primer (K22 Super Primer is recommended)
  4. Use the Base color M81 Special Silver
  5. Layer 0:  spray the paint by condensing it, and wait for it to dry until the paint is strong enough to be pressed by a finger
  6. Layer 1-4: spray thinly and evenly for 3-4 layers with drying interval: strong enough to be pressed by finger.
  7. After the paint is dry, proceed to the finishing/clear stage


IMPORTANT NOTE about How To Spray the Ultra Candy Colour!
– Spraying distance of 20-30 cm

– With faster hand swing