K39 1K Dashboard Maroon is a matte dark red color specially designed to restore original dashboards color. With 2-IN-1 Formula technology, no plastic primer and clear are needed.

How To Use :

  1. Wash the media (which will be repainted) using cream soap, then rinse and let it dry.
  2. Wipe the media with cloth + gasoline thoroughly
  3. Layer 0: spray by condensing it, and wait for it to dry until the paint is strong enough to be pressed by a finger
  4. Layer 1-3: spray thinly and evenly as much as 2-3 layers so the media is completely covered
  5. If the paint is strong enough to be pressed by a finger, the media is ready to be installed.

*Note :

  • Perfectly Drying times is -/+ 2 nights or 2×24 hours, so the scratch resistant formula will be activated and the media is safe enough to be stepped-on and scratch by nails
  • If use the basic color B11 White before apply the K38, the orange color will be brighter
  • If you don’t use a basic color and be sprayed directly to the black dashboard, then the orange color will be dimmer and the use of will be very wasteful.
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