K36T 1K Textured Black is a matte black color with textured finish, specially designed to restore original dashboards color, with 3-IN-1 formula technology, so no plastic primer and clear are needed.

The Different with K36 1K Dashboard Black:

K36T 1K Textured Black has textured finish

How To Use

  1. Wash the media (which will be repainted) using cream soap, then rinse and let it dry.
  2. Wipe the media with cloth + gasoline thoroughly
  3. Layer 0: spray by condensing it, and wait for it to dry until the paint is strong enough to be pressed by a finger
  4. Layer 1-3: spray thinly and evenly as much as 2-3 layers, so the media is completely covered
  5. If the paint is strong enough to be pressed by a finger, the media is ready to be installed.



Perfectly Drying times is -/+ 2 nights or 2×24 hours, so the scratch resistant formula will be activated and the media is safe enough to be stepped-on and scratch by nails

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