Why Should Sapporo?

There are MORE THAN 50 BRANDS of aerosol paints in Indonesia and all brands claim that they are the best products.

So, why should you choose Sapporo?

#1. Always Inovating, Always Outstanding

Most Innovative :

Simply put, this can be measured by the number of breakthroughs made in the past year.

Example :

  • Launched New Variants & Colors such as: PU 1K, Black Series, Pearl Series, Dashboard Paint, Limited Color, etc.
  • Create new events such as: SADAR SAPPORO (Sapporo Dealer Competition).


Innovation is the breath of the Sapporo Team. Because we started from hobbies, passion, and discipline.

Most Extraordinary :

Everything we present is DEFINITELY through careful research. Not only serious in doing research.


  • Amazing Quality

The quality of the new variants & colors always satisfies the users. We don’t just work on broadcasts.

  • YouTube Content

You can directly check on the “Aneka Ragam” channel

  • Sapporo Contest Event

Hundreds of people signed up, 16 episodes already running, and will continue.

  • Monthly Giveaway

Always followed by many real participants, NOT endorsed participants.

  • Merchandise

Those who have got it will understand how good the quality is.

#2. We consistently do APPRECIATION to you

You do this by holding a giveaway every month. There are now two giveaway classes, namely: Professional Class and Beginner Class. Congratulations on your work with Sapporo, I hope you will be the winner.

#3. We are committed to serving you

Our Online Customer Service (081-2200-3378) is ready to serve consultation, information and find solutions. Every day at 08.00 – 16.00 WIB.

#4. Our products are GUARANTEED

If there is damage caused by a manufacturing defect, please claim it with us. We will replace it. Your satisfaction is always our priority.